Jhelum Football Tournament

  • ARWT organized the inaugural Jhelum district football tournament in August & September 2011
  • The motivation for organizing this event was three-folds :
    • Promotion of football in the region
    • Providing the idle/jobless youth of the area an avenue to get involved socially and direct their energies positively
    • Lastly, to create awareness amongst the community and mobilize them to encourage these kind of activities in future.
  • In total, 42 football clubs from various parts of the Jhelum District participated, which was held over a one and a half month
  • The tournament was endorsed by the Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) and was attended by the General Secretary, National coach as well as other members of PFF’s technical staff 
  • Due to the success of the first tournament, 2nd ARWT football Tournament was held in Jhelum in 2011.This time it was expanded to All-District football tournament, which ranged registered PFF football teams from Punjab, Azad Kashmir and Islamabad. 
  • There was an encouraging collaboration with PFF, ARMY, Punjab Football Association (PFA) and the Jhelum football Association (JFA) 
  • Due to the success of these football tournaments and an overwhelming response from the local and the football community, ARWT plans to organize this tournament on an annual basis going forward and promote this healthy activity through various other projects. 

Jhelum Sports Centre

  • ARWT is currently carrying out a feasibility study on setting up a sports centre in Jhelum for the local youth
  • The sports centre is planned to include:
    • A football pitch
    • Swimming pool 
    • Tennis courts 
    • Gymnasium 









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