Financial Aid for Non-Earning Households in Badlot

  • At any given time, approximately 10-15 households in Badlot do not have an income earner. This is primarily due to the fact that households tend to rely on only 1 breadwinner in the family – therefore, job loss or death of the only income earner usually results in termination of income coming into the household
  • ARWT provides financial aid to these households in such times of need. The level of funding provided to these households in dependent on various factors including the number of household members, level of monthly essential expenditure etc.
  • Apart from the provision of financial aid, ARWT also provides assistance to the affected households in:
    • Finding new jobs
    • Arranging training other members of the household in new skills with a view to getting employed as soon as possible (in the case when the household’s only income earner has passed away)








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