All of ARWT’s healthcare initiatives are carried out under the Abdul Razzaq Welfare Trust Hospital (ARWT Hospital), a subsidiary entity

The ARWT’s health facility is based 20km off the Grand Trunk Road, in village Badlot of district Jhelum. It serves a catchment area of over 300km for its Out Patient Department (OPD), with patients coming from all over the country for accessing quality health services, especially its specialized cardiac consultation and treatment.


  • The hospital aims  at providing easy access to medical care, especially to the  local residents who  have remote access to even basic care, let alone the cardiac health care.
  • ARWT has highly experienced and well-reputed medical staff for the hospital in order to provide best-in-class medical care for the patients.
  • The hospital is equipped with  two operation theatre , one clinical lab, X-Ray facilities, a pharmacy, four consultation rooms and one E.R
  • The hospital also includes a cardiac unit, which is equipped with Echocardiography, ETT, and ECG.
  • Due to unforeseen delays in the past, the hospital is now in its final phases of initiating Angiography, Angioplasty and Cardiac Surgery facilities.  World renown, London based Cardiac Surgeon will perform ARWT’s first open hear surgery.
  • Since its initiation of this hospital (Sep 2012), 15040 patients have been treated.

Free Medical Advice and Treatment by Chairman ARWT

  • Maj Gen ® Azhar Mahmood Kayani who is the Chairman of the ARWT is presently also the Chief Exective of the Rawalpindi Institute of Cardiology (RIC), a 280 bedded hospital providing complete coverage of Cardiac diseases.
  • Maj Gen ® Azhar Mahmood Kayani spends 6 days a week in the RIC and the 7th day that is every Sunday he is in village Badlot attending to patients from 8:am in the morning to till after sunset. This grueling day provides medical help to 80 to 100 cardiac patients every Sunday. During the rest of the day the hospital doctors and medical staff provide medical services who visit the hospital during the week.

Mobile Medical Clinic

  • This is a recent activity in which a doctor and a female gynecologist visit different surrounding villages of Badlot and provide free medical advice to the needy and the poor.
  • This has become a very successful and popular program as it brings much needed medical facility to the poor of the villages at their door step.
  • However this program would be more effective if we were able to have a mobile hospital vans or ambulances with medicines commonly required for the patient in the remote villages. This is the ultimate aim of the ARWT Hospital Mobile service. The mobile hospital activity is carried out every alternate day of the week whereas every Sunday the Chairman of Trust Maj Gen (R) Azhar Mahmood Kayani himself attand to the cardiac patients and other patients at the hospital in Badlot. A large number of such patients is provided free medical advice and medicines while well to do patients are charged nominal fees to meet the essential expenditures of the hospital.
  • In addition to the above a state of the Art laboratory has been established in the ARWT Hospital which provides to the patients various clinical tests at very nominal cost which saves the poor a lot of money otherwise required to travel to the city for the same medical test.








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