Financial Aid for the Schools in badlot

  • ARWT provides financial aid to the 6 girls and boys schools in badlot
  • The primary aim of this aid is to encourage the continuity and expansion of these schools and to improve the educational standard for the students. More specifically, the funding is used for:
    • Financing the compensation paid to the teaching staff and other employees
    • Arranging training for the teaching staff
    • Improving the facilities available to both the teachers and the students – this ranges from day-to-day maintenance expenses to buying books for the library or buying furniture for the classes
  • Under this initiative, in 2006, ARWT funded and arranged development of a computer laboratory at Bun Shaheed, village Badlot’s largest school, including the provision of 20 new desktop computers – this was the first introduction of computers in the village.

Academic Scholarship and Aid for Students in badlot

  • Annually, ARWT awards scholarships to 3 high school graduates for their further education at university
  • The 3 students are chosen from amongst the top-performing students in the schools in badlot
  • The scholarship includes funding for fees, accommodation and general expenses for the duration of the students’ time at university
  • In addition, there is also a separate fund set aside to provide financial aid to other students who wish to go to university but cannot afford the expenditures. The criteria for selection for this aid is based primarily on the financial circumstances of the applicant

ARWT Primary School, Islamabad

  • During 2011, ARWT took over the management of a school project based in Khanna Pull, Islamabad aimed at providing primary education to the underprivileged children in the area. Prior to the takeover, the school was threatened by closure due to a lack of funds under the previous management
  • The underprivileged children the school aims to enroll are mostly those who are on the streets often collecting garbage for a living so that they can contribute a few additional rupees to their households. Most of these children are Pashto speaking who have immigrated from Afganistan during the war and cannot communicate in Urdu, the national language, and struggle to understand the importance of hygiene and presentation
  • The school aims to provide the students a well-rounded educational experience, which includes quality education with equal empasis on character building and guidance with regard to social responsibility on other aspects of life including hygiene, etiquettes and communication
  • Within a short space of time, ARWT has already managed to make significant improvements to the school including 
    • The classrooms have been equipped with additional tables and chairs 
    • Additional teaching staff have been hired in order to accommodate the rising number of students at this school which currently stands at 116 pupils. The school has become popular amongst the poorest and needs to be expanded with additional financial resources.
  • ARWT is aiming to make further improvements to the school including
  • Expanding the school to make it a secondary school as well in order to increase the number of grades taught at the school – currently, classes go upto grade 4, we aim to increase this to grade 10 or Matriculation
  • Whenever we can afford healthy food for the students to ensure that the basic nutritional needs of the children are fulfilled is also provided.









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