Ambulatory Services

The trust provides four fully equipped ambulances, which are operational around the clock with trained and certified paramedics on board. The service has been accredited with lowering morbidity and mortality in the region. 

With Jhelum and its surroundings, there is a lack of tertiary care hospitals. ARWT primarily bridges the gap between primary, secondary care and tertiary health care. In this case, patients shifted are in critical medical conditions, who would be other wise stuck in hospitals which lack necessary facilities for tertiary care.

  • ARWT ambulances are equipped with state of the art medically equipped facilities including defibrillator,  portable ventilator, suction unit, cardiac monitor, ECG, oxygen intake facility, etc.
  • ARWT ambulance services consists of an experienced BLS/ACLS paramedic staff, which are available on every ambulance run.
  • Since its start in 2014, ARWT ambulatory services have made  amore than 600 ambulances run catering patients from not only Jhelum and surrounding areas, but even Azad Kashmir, South Punjab, Islamabad.








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  • OFFICE PK:   +923008481990
  • OFFICE UK:   +447770322513