Abdul Razzaq Welfare Trust’s (ARWT) was established with the humanitarian mission of enabling community uplift by providing philanthropic services to the people of Jhelum and surrounding regions. Today the organization provides state of the art medical services, an equipped and responsive ambulatory system, educational opportunities and development initiatives for the community.


ARWT is a tribute to the life of Mr. Abdul Razzaq who was a well-respected educationist belonging to Jhelum. Known to the community as someone with passion, dedication and professionalism, he envisaged a platform which would enable the social uplift of people of Jhelum. He believed and practices that the underprivileged should be helped by means of providing economic opportunities and social mobility which would in turn improve the quality of individuals of the community. In his individual capacity, he helped many colleagues, friends and family members fulfill their ambitions by providing support and guidance throughout his life. His self-sacrificing nature can be illustrated by the fact that being resource constrained, he sold the agricultural land he inherited, uprooted his family from the village of Baldot and moved to Jhelum city to educate his son. Through his support his son was the only one amongst his peers to make it to medical college and become a doctor. His insistence on hard work and perseverance enabled his son to become one of the most decorated medical professionals in the country, serving both the armed forces and government, being a source of pride to the country. The lessons and sacrifice made by Mr. Abdur Razzaq enabled his son to make and strengthen institutions that serve to millions of patients today in dire need of health care. It is this vision and spirit that are the foundations of ARWT, an organization created to pay tribute to Mr. Abdur Razzaq and take forward his dream of providing health, education and opportunities to the underprivileged population irrespective or religion, caste, creed or the ability to pay.

The ARWT’s health facility is based 20km off the Grand Trunk Road, in village Badlot of district Jhelum. It serves a catchment area of over 300km for its Out Patient Department (OPD), with patients coming from all over the country for accessing quality health services, especially its specialized cardiac consultation and treatment.


  • All lives carry equal value.
  • The good of the people comes first irrespective of caste creed race or religion.
  • Provision of quality health services.
  • Fostering an environment to promote healthy activity and sports.
  • Enabling educational opportunities for students.








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